4 de junio de 2011

Mountain of Shadows

By Dorothy

Last night my shadow came to play with me. As I lied on my bed, almost asleep, I saw my shadow come out of the wall, grab me by my hand and take me away out into the warm, shiny night.

I watched down as my house, my neighborhood and my city became smaller and smaller, and all of a sudden there we were, right at the bottom of a great blue mountain.

Where are we? - I wanted to ask my shadow, but before the words could come out from my mouth, I looked around and noticed how thousands of shadows approached the blue, magical mountain.

There were small shadows flying all around the mountain, playing, jumping and running... dancing, hopping and skipping. They could do anything they wanted, anything they liked, without boundaries or punishments, without the yelling or shouting, the frowning or staring. At this magical place, all the shadows could be what they were meant to be. On the great blue mountain, the shadows could let us out … they could free the children trapped on the other side of the wall.

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